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      Water-based Lubricant instead of Oil Was Selected into the National 863 Planning Program
      本文來源:www.lamers-hightech.com  發表日期:2018-12-22

      The octogenarian rewrotethehistoryofthe worldlubrication

      Water-based lubricant instead of oil was selected into the national 863 planning program

      In late June, AnshanScience and TechnologyBureauannounced the programs of Anshanselected into the national 8N63 this year. Surprisingly, the R & D project of 82-year-old Zhang Hongminbecame the only award of the project in this city, and rewrote the development history of the world lubrication field.

      863 Plan isa national high technology research and development program implemented by China with strategic importance, shouldering the historical mission of developing o high technologyandrealizing the industrialization. 863 Program, mainly takes the national research institutes and universitiesasleading forces.

      How was aretiredold manrelated with863plan? Recently, the reporterinterviewedZhang Hongmin. A remote yard in Xiao Taizi Villiage, Ningyuan Town isZhang Hongmin’sproduction workshop.The awarded 863 project of himis“large-scale preparation technologyof environmentalnano water-basedsteel plate and strip rollingliquid", which isa polymer materialsyntheticlubricant. “This isa new lubricating material substituted for high-grade lubricant used in thehigh-endmachine tools, with clean environment, non-toxic and tasteless withoutoil.For example, the preparation of 100kghigh polymerlubricant, of which 95kgis water, andtheremaining 5kgisthis newlubricating material. It is anew internationalmaterial, whichcan be used forlubrication, corrosion, cleaning, and cooling in thehigh-end machine toolsand steelrollingdomain. This the reason thatthe863 planchosenit.” Zhang Hongminsaid。

      In the 1980s, because of the working relationship, Zhang Hongminoftenwent tothe production lineofAnshan Iron and Steel,seeingthat the industrial oil used in the steelrollingfor rust, lubrication,and cleaningpolluted theworkshop, workers strewing saw dust on the ground, but till covered with oil anywhere. After the reform and opening up, Anshan Iron and Steelimported a lot of high-end machine toolsfrom abroad. Howeverbecause of the tightforeign exchange, it was often the case that the shortage of lubrication for the imported machine tools affected the production. “Ithought, whyChina cannotdevelopcleanandhigh-gradelubricant?”In those years, Zhang Hongminexplored the synthesis problem of the polymer compound in spare time while working.

       In 1989, retired Zhang Hongmin was employedbya companyinHaicheng. The company gave him3600yuan. With thesemoney, hebought R & D raw materials from Shanghai and Dalian, building a small laboratoryat home, researching and developing the new industrial lubricant substitute for oil lubricant. After two years, a new type ofpolymerindustrial lubricant was born. 1991, introduced throughfriends, a workshop in Anshan Iron & Steelexperimentallyused this new type industriallubricant. Its clean and greenwas praisedbythefront-line workers. Throughtechnology improvement, this technologybegun to attract ahigh degree of attentionoftheMunicipal Science and TechnologyBureau. In 2007,Northeast AsiaHi-Tech Expositionheld in Shenyang. This technology shockedexperts in Japan, South Korea, Russia onceexhibited. Chief scientist Professor Jiang Lei from the nanotechnology R & DCenter, ChineseAcademyofSciences, is very interested in it, and hopedin-depthcooperation in R & DwithZhang Hongmin. At the end of that year, the twopartiessigned a cooperation agreement. Since then, Professor Jiang Leidrew a conclusion by experiments thatthematerialinthisindustriallubricant reached a nano degree, and lubricanthad better lubricatingcooling effectandhigher heat transfer efficiency, superiorthe productsininternational. In early 2008,they began toform a research group with Sun JIanlin Professor, the vice president of theMaterials Scienceand Engineering,from theBeijingUniversityofScienceandTechnology,specializing in “large-scale preparation technology of environmental nano water-based steel plate and strip rolling liquid”. Through continuous improvement, the technology hasthe conditions of commercialized and large-scale production. At the same time, through retrieval,thiswater-based lubricant instead of oil isa blank one in the world,and aworld-classinnovation in the new material field. In July 2008, thespecial project appliedfortheNational 863 Program.

      In the second half of 2008, after theapplicationoftheShenyang Machine Tool Group, thislubricantis considered that its parameters in price, cooling, lubricating, and cleaning were significantly superior to the imported high-end lubricant. It is real lubricant without oil, with the characteristics of clean, environmental protection and energy conservation.

      Now, the elderly Zhang Hongmin is ready to develop and expand the new lubricant project proudly and confidently.

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